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January 2017

Manga Chapter Short Summary: The Promised Neverland 13

Summary (from this point onward the plot is becoming more interesting. If you don´t want spoilers, read the manga first): Norman set two traps to smoke out the spy. He told to Emma and Ray that he would tell Don... Continue Reading →


Manga Chapter Short Summary: The Promised Neverland 12

Summary: It seems that Sister Krone always saw Gilda with a troubled face, and thus she offered her a counseling session in the middle of night. Gilda met with Sister Krone to say that there is nothing wrong with her,... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Short Summary: The Promised Neverland 11

Summary: Don and Gilda will join on the trio´s schemes. Norman and Emma told Don and Gilda a twisted version of reality: all the children that left the orphanage were sold to bad guys, resulting into a human trafficking operation... Continue Reading →

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