Hello everyone! It´s now 2017 and with it comes new challenges and experiences to have!

Today I am proudly publishing my first -ever- blog post in my life. So, why did I decide to start a blog?  The reason is simple!  I want my blog to become my pride and joy, sharing love for anyone who needs it.

To kick-start this new year, it´s necessary that we set some resolutions to guide our life to whichever direction you want it to go. I believe many people fail in fulfilling their lists of resolutions for a new year because they set so many items in their list that it ends up overwhelming them! If your resolution for this new year is to “lose weight”, you will fail. If it is “I will have a more healthy life this year”, you will fail. If it starts with “I will be -something-“, you will fail.

Why will you fail? Because all of them are long-term goals to set, but not something you should set upon yourself for a year´s worth of time! If you want to change your lifestyle for this year,  don´t make them sound like a goal but rather like habits. If you change your habits, you will surely see that little by little, you will look the world in a different way than before.

Thus, I want to share you guys three fundamental keys that could help you:

  1. Set your resolutions to be short habits (Start with small time frames. When you are comfortable with it, extend the time frame for each one).
  2. Don´t have more than 3 key habits that you want to have.
  3. Use a tool to track your habits (I´m using an android app called HabitBull and it´s interface is really good! It even comes with motivational quotes when you feel like giving up, haha!)

So for now, this is all!

By the way, my resolutions for this 2017 are:

  1. Doing at least 15 minutes workout per day
  2. Learn Chinese for 10 min per day
  3. Learn Japanese for 5 min per day

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you again in my next post! If you have any suggestions for new posts that you want me to write, feel free to write them on the comments!