What´s up guys! Today I bring you a little review of this manga called The Promised Neverland which shows really great promise in my opinion!

The story revolves about some kids who were raised in an orphanage cut out from the outside world. In the orphanage they play, eat delicious foods and do some kind of tests for some minutes every single day. Sounds nice right? One day, two of the eldest kids saw the real truth behind their daily lives, and it prompts them to make an escape plan and run far away from the orphanage. From this moment onward, our protagonists will fall into a great ordeal of challenges and hardships.

So, who is the antagonist? Can´t tell you because it would be spoiler. Hint: the story is a little like Attack on Titans.

The battle format of this manga is mainly strategical. -Every- single piece of information is important to the outcome of their escape plan. Every single battle is fought using their minds. Recently, the manga introduced facial reactions to the battles, which will make the battles more complex and deep.

Without spoiling anything more, my score for this manga at the moment is:

Score: 8.5/10

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