What’s up guys! Today I bring you my first impressions of the new anime called Fuuka!

Fuuka is an anime adaptation of the manga, which author is Seo Kouji (Story & Art). It’s the third part of the main series which starts with Suzuka, then followed by Kimi No Iru Machi and then comes Fuuka (chronologically).

The anime is about a kid called Haruna, who moved recently to Tokyo. There, he met a girl  called Fuuka who bumped into him, destroyed his phone, gave him a btch slap, and then called him a pervert, making a big combo breaker to the poor guy. To top it all off, some bystanders were taking photo of him beat up in the floor (I think they uploaded it into their twitter account). Nice way to start a new life in Tokyo eh? P.D.: Almost all of Seo Kouji works starts with the male MC meeting the female MC in the first few scenes.

After that nice little incident, some things happens (without spoiling much), and then Fuuka decides to make a band with Haruna, dragging the poor guy out of his comfort zone. One thing to note about Haruna is that he tweets every-single-thing that happens in his life. Thus, the anime will have its main focus on music career + love.

The characters that will appear very often in this anime is shown in the figure. If you watch the opening of Fuuka, you will see that they are members of the band (except Koyuki).

The music and soundtrack of the anime is good, and the storyline is being really faithful to the manga.

My Verdict > It’s very good! Will keep watching it.

Easter Eggs: the whole family of Fuuka made an appearance. omg. Suzuka, Yamato and their other child (Suzuka and Yamato are the main characters for Suzuka). Fuuka’s aunt, which name I don’t remember, was mentioned and she was in Suzuka too. Also, Half & Half (another manga written by Seo Kouji) made an appearance in the form of movie ticket.

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