What´s up guys! Today I bring you a review about Fate/Grand Order movie, another entry to the Fate series. The movie serves as the prologue to the mobile game called Fate/Grand Order that is released on Japan app store.

The movie starts with a crisis that humanity survival is set in stone because of a certain singularity that happened during the Holy Grail War in 2004, setting in motion the recruitment of potential. After that, we are led to see the meeting between cute Mashu and Fujimaru (main characters of the movie) who then have a little nice chat about affairs regarding Chaldeas and the reason Fujimaru is there. Bla bla bla… skipping some scenes as to not spoil much… Fujimaru is thrown into 2004, alongside Mashu and the Director of Chaldeas. We see some Servants – vs – Servants battles happen… then some spoiling scenes… and then voila, they´re back to the present. From this point onward, the story told from the mobile game starts.

The figure shown below is Mashu as Shielder (new class of Servant that we haven´t seen in anime).

Image result for fate grand order mashu

The story was Ok. I felt that the movie made more emphasis on the relationship between Fujimaru and Mashu, and how that translates into the mobile game storyline. Although they were the main leads, they were far from being the MVP. The real MVP was the Sage of the Forest. In the beginning, Mashu fended off some attacks, and defeated some skeletons. Afterwards, she became all defensive and boom- the next big spotlight she had was the moment she released her Noble Phantasm, which happened to be a big-giant-wall. Fujimaru did three things: being a kind human, use one of his seal commands to cheer Mashu up, and move the plot forward at the ending scene. The Sage of the Forest (Caster) was the one who defeated Assassin, Lancer, Archer, and Saber (I think he also defeated Rider), ensuring that our main leads could finish their investigations of the singularity and go back to their timeline.

The battles were fairly short, which was really disappointing (well, it was a movie so it can`t be helped). The soundtrack was nice.

My Verdict: a good movie to introduce yourself to the mobile game.

Score: 7.0/10.0

The figure shown below is a screenshot of someone playing the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. It looks really good and I hope they release it globally. (If you watch closely, there´s also a new class of Servant which is Ruler).

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