This chapter focuses on elevating the tension before the ridiculous strategy of Qin comes to execution.

First we see a little of what General Ousen tactical warfare prowess is capable of, when he foresees that rain was coming his way, ordering every army to camp and conserve their stamina. Conserving stamina will be a crucial aspect for the victory of Qin over Zhao.

The second part involves Shunsuiji of Zhao. He receives a message that five of their spies in Kinan have been captured, but not even one of their spies were captured over any other Qin castle. This prompts Shunsuiji into making the deduction that Qin real target is somewhere else. This fact could hinder Qin´s real strategy.

The third part, and the most shocking one, is the news of Yan attacking the eastern border of Zhao. This will make Zhao divert their attention to both their western and eastern border, and it could prove difficult for Qin´s army to take Kantan.

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