This anime encompasses all three chapters of the animated Chain Chronicle that will be released, being the last chapter having February of this year as the release month.

The anime is the continuation of the story line of the mobile game with the same name. Sadly, Chain Chronicle mobile game server got shut down last year for the global community. I was a player so it was kind of sad to let go an amazing game.

To fully understand how the anime story got to where it is, knowing the game story is necessary so I will explain it:

Game Story: the game starts with the user choosing the Hero´s name (AKA Yuri, 3 star unit). Afterwards, we see the cute foul-mouthed of a fairy Pirika introducing herself and then we were thrown right into the battle with the Black Army. At this point of the game, the Holy King and all of his army got wiped out for good against the Black Army, even before we chose our Hero´s name. We save an amnesiac Phoena from the dark soldiers and we get introduced to Kain, Marina and Michida, which will be the main party of Yuri in the anime (they were basic units so they sucked). Afterwards, we travel and get to the Vice-capital where we meet a lot of new characters that were shown in the anime. Bla bla bla, we are the volunteer army, bla bla, recruiting some dudes in the tavern, bla bla. Since we want to fight the Black Army, the Guild Master tells us to go form an alliance with all the races, and since we are at it, we have to recover Phoena´s memories and uncover the secret behind the Chain Chronicle book. 

From this point onward, the game was simple: travel, fight, and advance the story. If your party is weak, recruit some new units (Cervantes was one of them) and try to get a 5 star unit (almost every single character in the beginning of the anime were these 5 star units) if you are lucky. If you have, like, the necessary units that share a bond, you can do a side quest related to them to further expand the Lore and background of the game. We travel from one region (dwarf, forest tribe, mage, etc) to another, hoping to get all the alliance we need. During the travels, the Dark woman of the Black Army (figure shown below) tries to hinder us.

At some point, we get to learn that the Chain Chronicle is so damn important that may decide the future of the world. Also, we get to see the Queen of the Holy Capital is roaming around killing some black soldiers, while her Stand-in Queen Louise was doing a lousy job, but it turns out she could do a good job when she rallied the troops on the Capital.

This is all I remember from the story line of the game. Watching the anime, I see that our Hero completed his task of forming an Alliance to battle the Black Army and defeat the Black King, Phoena recovered her memories, and that we are fighting against the Black King.

Good job Hero!

Yuri: Btch, Im so fabulous.


Anime Story: in the beginning we see our Hero (from now on Yuri) fighting the Black King, alongside Phoena, Pirika, Kain, Marina, and Michida (Phoena is 4 star unit I think, and the rest 3 star unit). Outside of the castle we see every single race out there in the Alliance battling it out against the Black Army while awaiting for Yuri´s triumphant win against the Black King. At this point I was like, wtf… you are sending a measly 5 person team out there to fight the Black King? And they are not even 5 star units, wtf. Also, I was like: is the volunteer army only them? wtf happened to all of the units I recruited in the game? at least give poor Yuri more units to work on. wtf?

Our Yuri spouts nonsensical sht to the Black King, and the Black King is like: nop, get out of here dumbss. Yuri got defeated, Pirika got owned and Phoena got a family arguing with her father the Black King, ending up tearing apart the Chain Chronicle book.

The Alliance got defeated and everyone went to their own way (all the hard work from the game got wasted huh). Yuri gets deppresed and then we get to see the introduction of another character called Aram (figure shown below). Aram shows great potential and may become the new Hero (byee Yuri).

After some scenes, Yuri decides to form anew an Alliance to defeat the Black King (same crap but different name) and will have to go through all the stuff he had to do during the game… again.

Burckhardt, an attendant of the real Queen Julianna, got into some trust issue problem with our party and in the end, got swayed into going to the dark side. So Yuri now has a new enemy to deal with. Also, the blackening of Yuri got to a point where a black Yuri will manifest and challenge real Yuri.

Up to this point is what we have been shown in the anime regarding the story.

The animation and artwork is good, and it´s really fun to watch the struggles. There is so much potential and routes to how the story may unfold so it will be interesting to watch Chapter 2, and how will they end the battle against the Black King in Chapter 3.

I will recommend this anime to anyone who has a basic knowledge of how the story unfolded, else you will get confused like a lot of people and have a bad impression because of it.

My Verdict: it´s a good anime to complement the mobile – extinct for global- game. If you know a little about the game story, it´s fun to watch it.

My Score: 8/10 for now


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