Hello everyone! Today I bring you my highlights for the Nintendo Switch presentation done at January 12 around 11 pm UTC-5.  Within the presentation came an overview of what the console is about, how the idea came up, the mechanism of the joy-con, and some games to be released this year for this amazing console. If you missed the Nintendo Switch Presentation, you can see it below, which is the presentation video Nintendo Official Youtube Channel uploaded..

For this highlight, I will write about the following:

  1. Concept of the Console
  2. How the idea came up
  3. Price of the console
  4. Mechanism of the Joy-Con
  5. Games to be released
  6. Online Gaming
  7. Launch date of Nintendo Switch


  • Concept of the console

The Nintendo Switch is a console that lets player have fun wherever they want. With the way the hardware was conceived, it´s possible to take the Switch in your travels like inside an airplane, car, friend´s house, school, or any other place. The Switch has three modes:

  1. Table mode: the Switch console comes with a stand for it to rest. For the controller, you use Joy-Con to play, which fits nice on normal hand size. This mode is perfect when you want to play with your friends on any moment.
  2. TV mode: to play in this mode, you need to put the Switch console inside the Switch dock. Connect the Dock with the TV via HDMI port, and you´re ready to play on your TV. The controller will be the Joy-Con docked on the Switch Grip or you can use the Pro Controller which is sold separately from the bundle.
  3. Handheld mode: dock the joy-con on both sides of the console, and you are ready to take it anywhere and play your favorite games!

Thus, the Switch intends to reach out to every player, regardless of their play styles and comfort style.

If you are more interested on the hardware, check out http://www.nintendo.com/switch/features/

The Switch battery will last around 2.5 to 6.5 hours, depending on the game and usage data. Nintendo gives a rough estimation that for a game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can enjoy the experience for a rough amount of 3 hours. I believe that this will be a great challenge for Nintendo if they plan on having games with high resolution.


  • How the idea came up

The Nintendo Switch is the compilation of every single idea and concept of console Nintendo had released. Every important feature from each console is imbued in the Switch, making it possible to bring your gaming experience to a new level.


  • Price of the console

The suggested price of the console will be $299.99 for North America. For Europe, you will need to check on your local retailer to see how much they will cost. In Japan, it will be ¥29,980 Japanese yen. In the next table, prices will be displayed so that you can compare them:

  Suggested Price to US to Jap Yen to Euro
US Dollar  $ 299.99  ¥ 34,356.35  €   281.85
Japanese Yen  ¥ 29,980.00  $  261.78  €   245.95


  • Mechanism of the Joy-Con

The Joy-Con comes with a high rumble sensitivity, making the players experience in more detail the world they are playing. Also, it comes with a lot of sensors like the Wii Remote, offering new possibilities to the console. I believe one of the many games that will benefit from this pack of sensors is the popular Just Dance game. The Joy-Con includes a button to take screenshots of your gameplay. It also includes a sensor to read your Amiibo (whew).

The Joy-Con is classified into Right Side and Left Side. Each one is fully functional to operate as a stand-alone controller. You can give either the Right or Left joy-con to your friend and play multiplayer, which Nintendo calls this as “Sharing the Joy”.

Also, Nintendo has announced that the joy-con can be of different colors, which will make it possible to personalize your Nintendo Switch. This can be acquired separately.

Source of image: http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/1/12/14260812/nintendo-switch-joy-con-controller-new-features

There´s also a Pro Controller if you are used to having the usual controller frame.


  • Games to be released

Some games that will be released for the Switch will be:

  1. 1, 2, Switch (released with the Switch)
  2. ARMS (released with the Switch)
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (released with the Switch)
  4. Splatoon 2 (Summer of this year)
  5. Fire Emblem Warriors (Dynasty Warrior type)
  6. Shin Megami Tensei
  7. Super Mario Odyssey
  8. Xenoblade 2
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  10. Skyrim

The most amazing trailer shown on the presentation is, without a doubt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you haven´t seen it, please check it out:


  • Online Service

When the Switch is released, online service will be available for free during its first few months. This few months will be the trial period for the developers to receive feedback from players, and enhance online feature. The trial period will end on Fall of this year (somewhere on September), and from this point onward players will have to pay for this feature. It´s unclear how much this feature will cost for now. Any further news about it will be released on due time on Nintendo´s official website.


  • Launch date of Nintendo Switch

The launch date of Switch is set to be on March 3, 2017. If you don´t see the Switch on your country when it´s released, it´s highly probable that your local retailers will have them soon.


For more information on the Nintendo Switch, please check out Nintendo´s official website for more. Link is http://www.nintendo.com/switch/

Most of the images used in this post came from Nintendo´s Official Website.


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