I read the summary for this anime, and it got my attention a little bit so I gave it a try. After watching the first two episode, I went to read the manga. Oh boy, it was such a good read. Masamune-kun`s Revenge is a shounen-style romance that feels like Nisekoi, but without the crap of the MC forgetting their past.

For anyone who don`t know what this anime is about, I will write a summary for you.


The MC`s name is Masamune. This guy went through lots of fitness exercises hardships to go from fat boy, to a popular guy. The reason he went through all the hardships was because he wants revenge on Aki Adagaki, a girl who dumped him when they were kids and gave him the nickname Piggy (Masamune was fat af when he was a boy). Thus the anime main focus will be on the ploys Masamune will cook for his revenge. His revenge consists on making Aki fall in love him and then he would dump her, as payback for what she did when they were kids.


The characters have their own remarkable personality which can help on recognizing them in the show. The cast is the traditional shounen-style, which includes a tsundere, a maid, a guy who looks a lot like a woman, a fragile girl, and others.

One thing that strikes as good is that Masamune focus a lot on working out and having a healthy life, which is a good thing and someone to have as a role model if that`s how you want your lifestyle to be, at the contrary of a lot of MC`s who have their harem. Also, he amuses me because he uses romance manga (mainly shoujo) as his study material for his plan for revenge haha.

At the beginning of Episode 2, we get a full blown view of a panty shot. Since I`ve read the manga to where I could read at this point, I assure you there is not a lot of ecchi.

As I said in the beginning of this post, Masamune-kun`s Revenge feels a lot like Nisekoi (False Love). There are few scenes with comedic purpose in comparison to Nisekoi though.

The artwork is great and the music is good.

Worth the Watch?

My Verdict: it`s an enjoyable and good show. If you are looking to have more anime to watch this season, please check this one out.

The PV of this anime is shown below. The video comes from FuryuAnimeCH Youtube Channel.


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