Three words: what. the. heck? I’m not sure what to feel about this one. When I came across this anime and read its summary, I felt that it had great potential so I gave it a shot.


The anime is about a salary-man, from Japan, reincarnated as a little girl (AKA loli) called Tanya Degurechaff. Through some friction with God himself, God reincarnated him in a different world in hope that this salary-man would renounce his atheism mindset. This is the last reincarnation that the salary-man will have.

P.S. at this point, I thought Tanya was a salary-woman, hence I thought it was a woman inside the body of the loli. When I saw it was a man, I didn’t know how to feel about it. So Tanya is a loli with a 30 years old mind, and she is a dude? wtf? Whose idea was this? Are they trying to discourage loli fetish?

The loli has great potential with magic, and through some military achievements, we see her on the first episode with the lieutenant rank. Through some battle events, we get to see that this loli is an overpowered magician, evil af (killed two of his ex-subordinates in an indirect way)

P.S. So now Tanya is an evil loli with a 30 years old mind, OP af magician, and she is actually a dude…

Since the loli didn’t really want to be in the front line, the anime main focus will be on her struggle to ascend on the military ladder and stay safe from the battlefield, just as a salary-man would do in a corporate company (go up the company ladder in a smart way).

Below we can see Tanya Degurechaff (AKA loli trap) character design:


The world is at war, and it involves using military weapons, tactics, and such like the real world. Additional to that, there is the element of magic in the war but having magic doesn’t guarantee the outcome of a war. The execution of this concept, in my opinion, is well done. The author made sure there was a proper balance to the wars until Tanya OP af evil magician appears and obliterates troops when she’s ordered to. Tanya is capable of demolishing an entire enemy army corp if she wanted to.

In the beginning, we see her platoon and some potential allies to Tanya that had main cast material. Due to their patriotic feeling, Tanya casted them aside and sent them to their indirect death. In episode 2 we get to see how Tanya is evil when she almost killed some cheeky recruits for not obeying rules, or when he (when he was still a japanese man) fired a coworker for poor performance. This just made Tanya feel like an antagonist of a sort.

I have a problem with her being a loli with the mind a 30 years old man. It smells like a huge trap. I’m pretty sure that this anime is meant to go against usual loli image.

The premise of the anime seems nice, since the goal is for Tanya to reach the highest she can in the military office dept ladder, away from all the fightings and front line. Live a comfortable life with status and obey rules. Also, it’s to go against the will and faith of God, and pay him back for reincarnating him into an orphaned little girl.

The animation quality is really good, and the battle theme soundtrack is awesome. The artwork is awesome too (except for Viktoriya, girl besides Tanya on the figure above).

Worth to Watch?

If you are not troubled by the fact of Tanya’s real identity, then go ahead. The story is all about the struggles of Tanya to stay away from the front lines and climb her way up in the military office dept.

My Verdict: Good to watch for the development of the premise. It’s bearable the fact of Tanya’s true identity. If you are a believer in God, I don’t recommend to watch it.

If you are interested, the video shown below is the PV for Saga of Tanya the Evil anime. Please check it out.


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