6 days until escape plan no. 1 is executed.

In this chapter, the following happened:

  1. We get to see the details of the plan to investigate the world beyond the walls, which is a crucial  piece of information for their escape plan to succeed.
  2. Ray has all the pieces he needs to destroy the transmitters anytime now.
  3. Sister Krone is led to search for one of Mama´s weakness, in hope that she diverts her attention from the escape plan.
  4. Mama hands to Sister Krone something that I believe is a reallocation letter. How will Sister Krone react to this sudden turn of events?

This four points is what I believe to be the most crucial information we can get out of this chapter. There was so much going on that I may have missed something, which is truly marvelous. The mangaka is giving the readers so much information that we may not spot a hint to the development of the story.

My thoughts: next chapter will probably begin with the execution of the investigation plan. Midway in the chapter we will see a flashback regarding Sister Krone and Mama Isabella, and the end of the chapter will have a sudden turn of events. I believe this is going to be the order of events.


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