There are two important pieces of information we can get from this chapter:

  1. Sawamura’s numbers is stable up until number 7. Any number higher than 7 will rely on Sawamura’s condition to execute well. Also, we got to see a glimpse of the potential of pitch number 7 and its trajectory.
  2. Coach Kataoka chose Sawamura as the starting pitcher for the practice match against Hakuryuu in Golden Week. Hakuryuu is the strongest team Seidou will be facing in Golden Week. Until then, Sawamura won’t be pitching in any match.

My thoughts: Coach Kataoka want to see how Sawamura’s numbers would perform against a strong team, a feeling shared with Miyuki. I believe this match will be crucial for Sawamura if he wants the Ace number. Also, next chapter will be about the match between Osaka Kiryuu and Komaidai Fujimaki.

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