Since this manga haven´t been running for long yet, I will start writing short summary from chapter 1 up to the chapter 22, which summary can be found by clicking here. For this chapter, it won´t be short because I need to introduce the world of the manga, else you can skip right to the Summary section in this post.

 Short Introduction

In this chapter we are introduced to the world of this manga: an orphanage called Grace Field House, with a lot of kids up to 11 years old (38 kids at the moment). The only caretaker of this orphanage is a woman called Isabella, which all the kids calls her by the name of Mama because she is like a mom for them. No kid has ever seen the outside world because of some rules imposed on them:

  1. Don´t get close to the Gate, which is the portal between the orphanage and the outside the world.
  2. Keep your distance from the fence (and wall).

The main cast are introduced: Emma (a girl that looks a lot like a boy; orange hair kid in the pic), Norman (white hair kid), and Ray (black hair kid that is close to the tree in the pic). They are the smartest kids in the orphanage, having perfect scores in their daily 10 seconds quiz (every kid in the orphanage needs to do this).

Short Summary

There are some points of interest in this chapter:

  1. We get to see how important and useful is Tactics when you want to outplay your opponent and win.
  2. Connie was a girl in the orphanage. She was going to go to the outside world and be introduced to a new family. When Emma and Norman went to deliver a plushy toy to her because she forgot it in the orphanage, they saw her dead body in a truck.
  3. Demons make their appearance, making the statement that human flesh are delicious, and that the orphanage was a farm that produces high quality meat. These statements was heard by Emma and Norman.
  4. We get to see the real nature of Mama Isabella. She is the farmer.
  5. Emma and Norman comes to the conclusion that they need to escape from the orphanage. Norman states that if it´s the three of them (Norman, Emma, and Ray) they can surely escape safely, but Emma wants all of the siblings to escape with them.