In this chapter, the important facts we can get is:

  1. Emma and Norman takes notice of the little things in the orphanage, which points that the orphanage is in reality a cage.
  2. The next shipment of kids (Emma, Norman, and Ray) will be in two months, according to the time frame of kids leaving the orphanage.
  3. It is determined that the place where they should escape is through the forest.
  4. The escape will be done when it is daytime. That way, there´s no risk that the little kids will fall asleep.
  5. They need a rope to bypass the wall that surrounds the forest.
  6. Mama Isabella has a tracking device that locates every kid in the orphanage.
  7. It seems that Mama knows that two of the kids in the orphanage went to the Gate and saw the transaction between Mama and the Demons. What Mama doesn´t know is that those two kids were Norman and Emma.