There are 2 important facts we can get out of this chapter:

  1. The three top U.A. third year students (whose names are Amajiki, Hadou, and Mirio) were not that great when they first started in school.
  2. Apparently for Mirio, after dedicating himself into the internship, his technique grew a lot, up to the point of being the closest to become the No. 1 Hero. Also, Mirio´s quirk is to be able to materialize his body at will.
  3. Mirio single handedly kicked almost all of Class A.

My thoughts: this chapter makes a good pep “talk” for the upcoming hero internship. There´s going to be a lot of expectation on how Class A students will develop after the internship. For next chapter, it will be useless to further continue the fight between Mirio and Class A.