The summary for this chapter is the following:

  1. We learn that high quality kid are the oldest ones, and the shipping order is determined by their scores in the 10 sec quiz. Any kid that turns six gets into the possibility of being shipped out of the orphanage. This is because a brain gets 90% developed by the age of 6 years old. Thus, the Demons are after the brains.
  2. Mama is searching for the two kids by checking their reactions. Through some social intense interaction between Mama and Emma, Emma almost gives in. This proves that Mama is a tough opponent to beat and will be the greatest obstacle for their escape plan.
  3. Mama still haven´t found that Emma and Norman knows the truth behind the orphanage.
  4. We see that Mama has a bar code too, same as all the kids. This must mean that she is being tracked by someone superior to her.