There are four main points that we can get from this chapter

  1. Hinata and Kageyama shows an amazing Back Attack in a minus tempo.
  2. Kinoshita fails his pinch serve, but he´s not troubled a lot by it. It actually fires him.
  3. Tsukihabara sends a first year pinch server called Himekawa. It´s his debut game and he looks extremely nervous.
  4. It´s set point for Karasuno.

This chapter ended with the following score:

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara » 24 - 23

My thoughts: this chapter had some comedic relief, which lightens the mood of the viewer from the tension of the match. For next chapter, we will see the pinch serve of Himekawa, an outcome I´m not sure how it´s going to go. The mangaka could draw out this first set for a little bit, or he may have Himekawa serve an amazing course, but fall out of bound.