In this chapter, the following happened:

  1. Emma and Norman found their “rope” for their escape plan. It is a piece of tablecloth.
  2. Ray is told about the truth behind the orphanage from Emma and Norman, and their escape plan.
  3. We get to know that there are more factors to include in this escape plan. There is a possibility that outside the walls, the world is full of Demons. Thus this is why the orphanage exists, to supply the demand of human brain. Ray explains this fact to Emma, but Emma stills wants to bring every sibling with them (this will prove very difficult).
  4. Norman would actually agree with Ray on the optimal solution for the escape plan, but he loves Emma and will do whatever it takes to make Emma’s wish come true.
  5. Ray shows a book to Emma and Norman about Mechanical Engineering. Said book was published in 2015, 30 years before the present (the present year is 2045). This could mean that there is actually human society outside the walls. This pops the question of how society is divided outside the walls: are there demon’s nations and human’s nations? or is there a hierarchy between demons and humans?
  6. The trio concludes that they need to gather more intel about the outside world.
  7. Mama is getting suspicious. She saw that the usual spot where Ray always sits on during daytime break is empty.