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Hello everyone! Today I bring this anime to your attention. Apparently, Winter 2017 is filled with game made into anime and Spring 2017 is no exception. Granblue Fantasy popular mobile (browser also) game will have its own anime, and they have released some episodes as a sneak peek of what to expect from it.


Granblue Fantasy is a free popular mobile game that is in the top charts of the Japanese market. Not so long ago, Cygames (developer) released an English version for this, which is awesome. The game is an RPG, where you travel between islands, fight enemies, and uncover the secrets of the Primals. The end goal is getting into the island of Astrals, so pretty much the concept of the game is like One Piece. You can acquire new allies and such through the gacha system (lottery , where you obtain a specific weapon that unlocks a specific character).

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Vyrn: Boring introduction…


The studio released the first two episodes for everyone to see. I believe they did so to hype everyone who is expecting it, receive any feedback and comments that may help in enhancing this anime, and as a marketing strategy to try to hook more people into playing the game before the release of the anime.

If you have played the game and saw these 2 episodes, you would notice that the story of the anime changes slightly from the game. This is a positive trait because it can make an enjoyable experience to watch the anime for veteran players. This trait can also be found on Tales of Zestiria: the X. Spoilers: in the game, the village got attacked and a lot of villagers got hurt. Also, Gran never returned to the village after the defeat of Ouroboros. In the anime, the village is safe, and Gran did come back to the village with Lyria, Katalina, and Vyrn after defeating Ouroboros.

Both episodes 1 and 2 of the anime were only the tutorial of the game, so there hasn´t been any major story development so far.

The animation and artwork is quite good. It may require some fine tuning but the animators have until Spring to fix them. You can check them out yourself by watching the video down below. It´s the promotional video for the anime:

The soundtrack, opening, and ending songs are really good, especially the opening since it is so catchy. Check them out in the videos down below:

Opening Song (Go by Bump of Chicken):

Ending Song (Sora no Parade by HARUHI):


I hope the studio is working hard to deliver an amazing anime experience since I´m totally looking forward to it! It may lack the necessary components to make it stand out as a must watch anime, but I believe it will be really enjoyable.

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