The following points is what happened on this chapter:

  1. We get to learn a rough estimate of where the orphanage is: somewhere in the northern hemisphere, within the temperate zone.
  2. Mama gives random household chores to the 5 oldest kids in the orphanage (Emma, Norman, Ray, Don, and Gilda). Norman and Ray believes that she’s suspecting the oldest kids because she haven’t seen any kid shaken by her social questioning. They conclude that by giving them these chores, Mama wants them to panick. (oh boy, the mental warfare is so intense in the last few chapters *^*)
  3. Emma comes to the conclusion that she needs more power, and that power is called Strategy (tactics, mental games).
  4. The next step for our trio team is to locate the tracker inside their bodies and find a way to destroy them. They brainstormed, but it failed. They have little information they can work with.
  5. New characters are introduced to the fray: Carol (a baby, making the number of siblings go up to 38 again), and Sister Krone (she’s going to help Mama).