Hello everyone! Today I bring you my first impression of Schoolgirl Strikers anime, which is an adaptation from the mobile game with the same name. P.S: wow, this season has a lot of game adaptation.


Schoolgirl Strikers is an JRPG mobile game that uses cards. I couldn´t find it in my play store, and it doesn´t seem that it has an English option in-game so there´s not much I can say about the game. I saw the screenshots of the game, and it looks really awesome. It even has a mode where you can dress your characters the way you want to.

The game was developed by Square Enix, Inc., which has set its eyes on the mobile game industry with their recent developments of astounding games (Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X).

Plot Overview

The plot is as simple as it can get:

  1. Save the planet from the space-distortions caused by the appearance of… Ob´li.
  2. Recover the memories of Tsubame-chan, and uncover why was she surfing between two dimensions.

The main cast is made by five young girls who are in the age of going to high school. One of them, Tsubame, got amnesia and is skipping school in the meantime (you cheater). The other four goes to the same high school (which name I don´t remember), and they happened to meet each other somewhere along the first day of school. Tierra calls the four of them to meet her in a shady underground base, where she introduces Tsubame to the other four. Tierra explains them that they should form a team to combat the dangerous appearance of Ob´li, and all of them agrees. Thus, this is the start of the luxury life of these 5 girls.

So… why these girls and not all the student body in the school?

There is a fifth dimension, where Ob´li appears and distorts the space around it, trying to connect the other dimension with reality. Any girl who can sense the fifth dimension has the potential of becoming warriors and defeat the aliens. By sheer pure coincidence, the four girls who happened to meet in the first day of school has this ability, and Tsubame also has it since she was drifting in-between dimensions.

Altair Torte is the main cast team´s name, where Tsubame is the leader. The team will go on missions to safe the planet from the Ob´li´s attacks, and enjoy school life. Besides Altair Torte, there are some other teams, which happens to have a food in their team´s name

Pretty much from this point onward, the plot is looking to be really simple and straightforward. This is a usual development for mobile games.


Um… as I said in the plot overview, the plot is simple and straightforward. There´s not a lot of expectation we can get from this anime plot-wise (unless Ob´li appearance is related to something huge and mind blowing).

The characters are as it is. There doesn´t seem to have any major room for character development. Tsubame-chan does seem to have a little room for character development, since she has amnesia at the moment.

Tsubame-chan: please give me a chance.


The positive trait we can get out of this anime is that every Schoolgirl Strikers player can now see their favorite cast animated and in action. Also, it may provide for good waifu material if anyone is looking. As a marketing material, I think it will only work for the Japanese since Square Enix hasn´t released a Global version for Schoolgirl Strikers mobile game.

Another positive trait is that… there is a cat in the show.

The soundtrack is good. The artwork is kind of normal.

If you want to see how is this anime, please watch the Promotional Video of Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel down below:


Preliminary Verdict


If you enjoy how mobile game story line goes, you may check this anime out. If you are looking for an anime that may spurge emotions out of your heart, I suggest you think twice before watching this anime. If you are looking for waifu material, you are in the right spot! The mobile game has a lot of female characters so there is a possibility a lot of them makes their appearance in the anime.

Will I keep watching this anime?

Hm…   (  o_o)

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