The development of the story is becoming interesting, with the new introduction of Mama’s sidekick. In this chapter, the following were the points of interest:

  1. All the household chores the oldest kids were ordered to do by Mama, was all done in order to welcome Sister Krone. (you are so cunning Mama).
  2. For a positive outlook to the sudden introduction of Carol and Sister Krone, these two characters are new source of information that the trio can now get. Carol could be used to know where the tracker is since she is a baby, and there should be a scar somewhere on her body. Sister Krone could be used to extract information about the outside world.
  3. The key to understand the world around them would be to know the background behind Mama Isabella and Sister Krone. (these could be really interesting flashbacks. I’m looking forward to them).
  4. The trio concludes that they don’t have any idea of what Mama’s intentions are. They don’t know what could be the next possible move of Mama.
  5. It seems that Sister Krone came from this orphanage.
  6. Mama Isabella is famous for being the youngest person to be chosen as “Mama”, and that she produces top quality goods. (It seems that the word “Mama” is a social standing now).
  7. It seems that, by proper procedure, Norman and Emma would have been shipped out ASAP if Mama reported it to her higher ups but she didn’t. This was done so that the prestige of the farm wouldn’t be questioned.