1. Through Sister Krone, we learn about two things: there is a “this side” place, and there is the “other side” place. We can infer from this that the logistics of transporting the “goods” is divided into two sections: the “farm” section, and the “quality checker?” section.
  2. Sister Krone wants to become a Mama, and the shortest route to become one is to drag Isabella out of her seat. It seems that Sister Krone will become a third party in this mental warfare game. The way to drag Mama out of her seat is if Sister Krone reports to her higher ups about the irregularities of Mama’s behavior with hard evidence.
  3. Emma learns that the tracker is inside the left ear, and it’s so small that she can barely feel it now that she’s all grown up.
  4. Besides the “Mama” position, there is the “Grandmother” position.
  5. It seems that Emma, Norman, and Ray will be shipped when the Festival is upon them (there’s not a lot of info about what the Festival is about).
  6. We get to learn the name of the boss of this “mafia”. The name is written in symbols that I don’t know where they came from. I guess its an original symbol letter made by the mangaka.