Hello everyone! Today I bring you yet another game adapted into anime for this season winter 2017 to your attention. Thankfully, Elsword is not a mobile game. Instead, it is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) for PC.


Elsword is a MMORPG for PC. The style and gameplay is a lot like Maple Story. The avatars of the characters are defined so you can´t make your own. Instead, you can choose one out the many varieties it has. The classes are classified by characters, so you can´t mix them up as you want.


The plot for the game is that you need to rescue a gem called El. In the anime, it seems they are searching for the El Lady or something like that (a priestess I think). So pretty much both plots are the same.

The anime is about a band of… mercenaries? who will mow down their enemies until they rescue the El Lady. Hack and Slash. The anime throws you right into the middle of their travel, so there is not a progressive development of the plot (the recruiting of the party members was already done).


This anime is your traditional RPG. It looks like it may be really good to veteran players.

The plot is simple. I don´t feel like there would be any character development besides the MC wanting to become stronger.

The MC leads are Elsword with his sister, which they both go along well (see Sasuke? no BS fighting with your bro). I don´t remember the other party members since there are so many.

Hello Erza…

The language is in Korean, which is not something we see everyday. It was kind of funny listening to the cast speaking in Korean during the battle scene.

The artwork is regular and the soundtrack didn´t leave an impact on me.

Elsword: ops…

As a marketing strategy point of view, try harder please.

You can watch the trailer for this anime down below :

Worth to Watch?

Watch at your own risk.


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