Hello everyone! It´s been 2 months since the release of FFXV for PS4. There is a prologue to the game in the form of a short novel called Parting Ways. Parting Ways narrates the events that were unfolding during Kingsglaive and before the game began. As such, casts from the movie (Nyx, Drautos, Libertus, King Regis aides, King Regis himself, etc) makes their appearance on it too. As the title says it, this short novel narrates how Noctis and his bros prepare before leaving the Royal Capital Insomnia.

If you haven´t read the prologue to the game, you may find it on the links down below:

English                                     bit.ly/FFXVPWEN
French                                      bit.ly/FFXVPWFR
Italian                                       bit.ly/FFXVPWIT
German                                    bit.ly/FFXVPWDE
Spanish                                    bit.ly/FFXVPWES
Brazilian Portuguese           bit.ly/FFXVPWBP
Russian                                    bit.ly/FFXVPWRU

Down below you can check the official FFXV page on facebook and their post where I got the download links.


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