1. From now on, the games of tag will be played in teams. The team leaders will be the 5 oldest kids in the orphanage.
  2. It´s possible that Mama and Sister Krone is being tracked by the demons, so killing them won´t be a wise idea. The right way to do it would be to incapacitate them.
  3. We learn that Mama is truly terrifying. When she showed her transmitter, she indirectly expressed the following: threaten that they can´t escape, bring their attention to the trackers, and that they shouldn´t kill the adults.
  4. It seems that Mama knows who were the one who sneaked on the deal between Demons and herself. There´s a high chance there is a spy among the kids, or they are simply spouting the information without knowing the consequences.
  5. Norman wants to use the spy as a way to feed false intel to Mama.
  6. There´s only 1 month and a half before the next shipment date.
  7. Norman says that they will execute their escape plan in 10 days from then.