1. Don and Gilda will join on the trio´s schemes. Norman and Emma told Don and Gilda a twisted version of reality: all the children that left the orphanage were sold to bad guys, resulting into a human trafficking operation where Mama was part of it. Don shows concern for Conny, and Norman lies to him by telling that they don´t know about her status. Ray reprimands Norman for all the lies, and says that all of this will come back to bite them in the future.
  2. To see if Don or Gilda is the spy, Norman told Emma and Ray that he will tell Don that the location of the ropes is underneath his bed, and Gilda that the ropes is above the ceiling of the 2nd floor bathroom. These locations will have an extra set of ropes prepared by Norman beforehand. The real set of ropes will still be hidden.
  3. Mama receives a letter under the door, marking the intel of the location of ropes. The spy is moving.
  4. We see that Gilda wakes up in the night, and goes to a room with Sister Krone. Emma is following them.