1. It seems that Sister Krone always saw Gilda with a troubled face, and thus she offered her a counseling session in the middle of night. Gilda met with Sister Krone to say that there is nothing wrong with her, but Sister Krone lets out a question about Gilda knowing everything just to trick her and have her spill the beans. Gilda avoids the trick and the counseling session ended.
  2. Norman and Ray comes to the conclusion that Sister Krone is moving independently from Mama, opposing her, when they saw her looking for the targets.
  3. Emma is doing something weird, counting her footsteps in the hallway.
  4. PLOT TWIST – SPOILER ALER: Norman couldn´t find the extra ropes underneath his bed. Ray says that settles it and that Don is the spy. Norman says no and that the real spy is him, Ray.