Summary (from this point onward the plot is becoming more interesting. If you don´t want spoilers, read the manga first):

  1. Norman set two traps to smoke out the spy. He told to Emma and Ray that he would tell Don that the ropes were beneath his bed, and Gilda that it was in the ceiling on the 2nd floor bathroom. In reality, he actually told Don that the ropes were on the Dining Hall, and Gilda that it were on the library. Since the ropes beneath his bed were gone, it must have been between Emma and Ray. Emma couldn´t possibly do it so that leaves Ray as the only culprit. Don was chose to be the scapegoat and it backfired.
  2. Ray was a spy for a long time. He was in charge of guiding the growth of the merchandise towards the direction Mama wanted. If Mama was a shepherd, he was the sheepdog.
  3. Ray was the one who hid the plushy toy of Conny. Thus, all the prison break plan began because of Ray. He also made sure not to disclose any critical information to Mama that would put a disadvantage to the prison break plan.
  4. This chapter ends with a really good question: is Ray an ally or an enemy?