Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about my impressions of the anime Tales of Zestiria the X. This anime is an adaptation of the game with the same name (Tales of Zestiria), which is the 15th installment of the Tales series. The game is available for PS3, PS4, and PC.

Plot Overview

The anime is about a new Shepherd called Sorey, whose ultimate dream is to have both Humans and Seraphims to coexist together happily. To achieve said goal, he must first fulfill the calling of the Shepherd, which is to defeat the Lord of Calamity (main antagonist). Defeating the Lord of Calamity is no small task, since he is the embodiment of Malice, thus Sorey needs to understand the nature of Malevolence and how to purify its various forms during his travels.

In his travels, Sorey will be accompanied by his best friend Mikleo (Water Seraphim), Lailah (Fire Seraphim), Edna (Loli Earth Seraphim), and Zaveid (Wind Seraphim). Also, he will meet a lot of different kind of people like Alisha (Princess of Hyland), Rose (merchant, assassin, AKA Best girl), and Dezel (Rose best pal Wind Seraphim).

From left to right: Dezel, Edna, Alisha, Sorey, Mikleo AKA Miboy, Rose, Zaveid, Lailah.

Sorey and his friends will face many obstacles, mainly because of the political drama and skirmish between the kingdoms of Hyland and Rolance. Also, the Church is involved in sneaky illegal transaction.

As a bonus, there are some episodes which features Tales of Berseria, the 16th installment of the Tales Series and prequel to Tales of Zestiria. Most of the events and state of affairs that Tales of Zestiria displays were caused by some events and characters from Tales of Berseria. Tales of Berseria main lead is a female character called Velvet, which has a power that is completely opposite of what Sorey does.

Velvet: hmph, what are you looking at?


There are several aspects of this anime that impresses me a lot.

First and foremost is the budget for this anime. I don´t know how much they pooled into this anime but the visuals are breathtaking. There is so much detail in the artworks. Also, the animation is top notch. In the episode where we saw for the first time the city of Ladylake, the flowing water of the fountains were simply amazing.

One of the scenes in the anime. This has wallpaper potential.

The fighting scenes are really good too!

The way the anime is tackling the story is different than how it was done for the game. The premise is the same but the way to reach the same “checkpoint” is different. This was done in order to cope the plot into an enjoyable anime, which is something I really appreciate.

There is also some credit scenes in each episode, where we see a social interaction between Sorey´s party, which is nice to watch.

The soundtrack and music is good. If I were to choose between the opening  song of the first season and second season, I would choose the first one haha. Video to the first opening can be found down below.


Worth to Watch?

The story has a lot of moments where we see the evil side of society and how Sorey interacts with the Malevolence. It slowly builds the lore. Everything else is so good but I feel that the plot feels a little bit lacking in character development.

My Verdict is… It´s an Enjoyable Anime! 

If you are looking for something to watch, Tales of Zestiria the X may pique your interest. Down below you can see the promotional video of the second season of this anime.


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