1. Everything that Ray did was for the prison break. Since the day the three of them sneaked on the gate when they were little, Ray knew the truth and has been preparing for the escape plan.
  2. Before Ray became a spy for Mama, he proposed a deal with her: he would become her spy if she would not ship him right off the bat, and that he would receive compensation for his work (compensation as to receive any item from the outside world he wanted).
  3. Ray has so much value for the escape plan because he knows more about the outside world, he definitely can render useless the trackers, and he can give wrong intel to Mama. Ray is not an enemy nor an ally. He will go with the most favorable one. Ray strikes a deal with Norman: in exchange for Ray´s service, Norman must fool Emma and make her think that the escape plan involves all the kids in the orphanage. Norman agrees to Ray´s condition, but it´s unclear if Norman is going to fool Ray or Emma.