1. Overhaul gives a reality check on Shigaraki on how foolish he is. Also, Overhaul shows the difference between both villain parties.
  2. At the end of the chapter, we see Mirio, Deku, and All Might together.


Chapter 125 was a really interesting chapter. We learn that mafia does exist in the society, and that Overhaul is leading one of them. Sadly, the mafia community is not big thanks to the efforts of All Might in eradicating evil.

A discussion between both leaders led to a heated fight, letting us see a sneak peak of Overhaul´s quirk, which looks really powerful. It makes sense since he is the leader of a mafia.

A small flashback was shown for a League´s member, which sadly marked his death flag. Soon after, a member of Overhaul´s mafia died as a shield meat from Shigaraki´s attack. These casualties were a good development, because it just shows how serious both parties are in wanting to become the next pillar for the villains, and follow the footsteps of All for One.

In the end, it seems that Overhaul offered Shigaraki to work under him, much like an internship. It´s going to be interesting how Shigaraki will reply to Overhaul, since accepting the “internship” is pretty much like accepting that the League of Villains is weak. There is also merit in accepting the “internship”, making Shigaraki grow as a villain and learn how to best use his pawns. Heck, it´s better if Shigaraki dethrones Overhaul and make his mafia family his own.

My thoughts for next chapter: I think next chapter will be about Deku meeting Sir.