1. Qin´s main force is intact and didn´t lose momentum from the small skirmishes of Zhao soldiers. The skirmishes were dealt with dispatched individual army.
  2. Retsubi will be conquered by the joint forces of the Hi Shin Unit and Yotanwa Army.


In this chapter we are being given an explanation on why Kanki´s army had to deal with the Zhao forces coming at them, explaining more or less the impact of what the joint forces of three big armies would entitle in this campaign. Honestly, I think the mangaka used too many panels to explain this fact.

At the end of the chapter, Ousen calls for Yotanwa´s army and the Hi Shin Unit to conquer Retsubi. I believe that Ousen chose them because of the terrain, condition of Retsubi, and the potential of both armies. Also, they are going to be the reinforcements for the upcoming battle between Riboku and Ousen. Thus, I think he will leave them in Retsubi while the main force will keep moving forward to Gyou.