1. Sister Krone proposes an alliance between both parties, since their common enemy is Isabella. As a gift, she tells them that all the adults have their body modified, having a microchip embedded in their hearts. If, for some reason, their heart stopped, then the demons would know something is up. Also, she reveals that she and Isabella were raised in “Grace Field House” but not on the one they are right now. The “Grace Field House” we´ve been watching is the third plantation, which means that there are a few more.
  2. Sister Krone also reveals that there are three requirements for a kid to become a Mama: be a girl, turn 12 years old, and a recommendation from their current Mama.
  3. The true purpose of Sister Krone for proposing the alliance is to get definite evidence to pull Isabella out of her throne and ship the kids out if possible. On the other hand, the kids would benefit by having Sister Krone tell them more information and not hinder their escape plan.
  4. If any of the two parties were to betray the other, the affected party will snitch out their alliance to Mama. Thus both sides are on a stalemate.
  5. As a token of friendship, Sister Krone will let the kids have a session of Q&A with her in the evening at her room.