Hello everyone! This is Moonid and today I bring you a post about the new mobile game Nintendo released and it is called Fire Emblem Heroes. In this post I´m going to write about what this game is about, my experience playing it, and expectations.

What is Fire Emblem Heroes?

So to start up with the contents of this post, the first thing would be about what this game is about.

The game is set in the world of Zenith, where royalties can open and close the gates of different Fire Emblem worlds. The Kingdom of Askr can only open the gates, and the Emblian Empire can only close the gates, thus balancing the power between both powerhouse. One day, the Emblian Empire led by Princess Veronica, decided to leave the gates open so that they could conquer all the Fire Emblem worlds, for the purpose of obtaining new allies that would help them on destroying the Kingdom of Askr. In order to do battle to the growing ambition of the Emblian Empire, the Order of Heroes was formed. This event brought forward a new era of change, where the balance of the world of Zenith and every other Fire Emblem world is at stake.

The role of the player is to summon forward heroes from the different Fire Emblem worlds to aid the Order of Heroes on extinguishing the flame of ambition of the Emblian Empire. This role is actually really common in the mobile game world. As an example, popular mobile game Summoners War game mechanics revolves heavily on how good of a summoner you are, and how lucky you are on drawing extremely rare units.

My Experience

When I first saw the presentation of the different upcoming titles of Fire Emblem to be released soon, Fire Emblem Heroes caught my attention. In the presentation, I got interested on how battles would unfold since this is the key to Fire Emblem gameplay experience. Additional to the battles, recent titles includes a waifu/husbando experience, hooking a whole new type of community to the Fire Emblem franchise so I expected some gimmick related to this concept would be added into FE Heroes.

One of the aspects in the battle mechanics they introduced was the reduced size of the map, having a proper fit to the mobile screen, meaning that players wouldn´t need to scroll in the map. Usually, Fire Emblem maps are big enough to handle a lot of units, making the battles more complex.

Second aspect of the battle mechanics they introduced was that the player will only have four units per area map. This means that players won´t be able to use a lot of their favorite units in an area map.

Third aspect they introduced was the weapon triangle. Like the other Fire Emblem titles, this won´t be an exception and it includes a weapon triangle to look out for. There is a notable difference between FE Heroes weapon triangle compared to the other titles and it is the color. More than a weapon triangle, I should say that FE Heroes version could be called the Color Triangle.

Pretty much this three aspects got me worried because it had the potential of making FE Heroes become a failure. There are other mobile games released which has almost the same concept as a Fire Emblem game (example would be Phantom of the Kill) and it´s been working for them. Thus, I was wondering why Nintendo decided to redesign the Fire Emblem experience and not follow their usual style.

In February 2, 2017, Nintendo released FE Heroes to the world like a lion wanting to get out of its cage and taste freedom. A few countries were chosen to experience the anticipated title in its release date. I guess Nintendo will release the app officially to the rest of the world in a later date.

The first part of the game, you have to go through a preliminary tutorial, which will give you 15 orbs (premium in-game currency) after you finish it. After that, you have to download around 300 MB worth of data, besides the MB you needed to download the app and the 80 MB before the tutorial. Following through the tutorial, you need to play 3 more stages to successfully complete the tutorial, which will grant you 1 orb per stage. Add to this the 2 orbs as a gift for the app release. At this point, you have a total of 20 orbs, which will let you summon 5 heroes from the roster (if you have 18, do the following 2 stages). It is from this moment onward that this game could become hell or heaven to you. For me, it became hell.

If you had read carefully, it is quite easy to obtain 20 orbs and summon 5 heroes. This prompts the player to try to get their favorite Fire Emblem character in their first pull. More than your favorite character, this is the best opportunity to get the waifu or husbando that you want. Also, getting a 5 star unit is a great plus to have an easier gaming experience in the early stages. For me, I really wanted Lyn so badly that I rerolled around 20 times just to have the surprise of getting her! It took me around 3 days doing all of this rerolling (considering that my internet is not really that fast). Inside those 20 rerolls, I had summoned 5 star Hector, Takumi twice , Robin, Cain, Abel, but my heart was dead set into getting Lyn. Nothing matter more than getting Lyn waifu. After getting her, I was so full of joy and happiness that nothing could dampen my mood :´)

In case you don´t know what rerolling means, rerolling is the art of reinstalling a game over and over again, in hope that you get the character you want on your first pull in the gacha system. There were even people speedrunning the rerolling process of FE Heroes, just to try to get their favorite character. Since rerolling is an easy process and doesn´t take long to do in FE Heroes, it´s good to try it.

I´m betting that Nintendo must have noticed this behavior from a lot of their players, and decided on their market strategy for future events. This is positive because it leads an opportunity for the developers to continue developing the game, and the community would be happy that the game is getting a future to look forward to.

When I played the stages, I understood very well how they balanced everything. Every aspect that I mentioned worked perfectly and it made a lot of sense. The maps are small, but there are a lot of obstacles, prompting the player to make strategies on how to clear the stage without, hopefully, having a dead unit (any defeated unit in a stage won´t receive exp that they received while they were alive in the stage).

The movement of the units was so cleverly implemented that there is no unfairness between different types of units (horse units moves 3 tiles, units going by foot can only move 2 tiles, and I believe that flying units move around 3 tiles). Add to them the terrain effects (foot units can move into a forest but the forest hinders their movement for 1 tile, horse units can´t move in forest spaces, no unit can bypass a wall) and it works perfectly.

The color triangle is really simple. There are four colors: green, blue, red, gray. Green has advantage over Blue, Blue has advantage over Red, and Red has advantage over Green. Between Gray and the other colors, there is no advantage or disadvantage. Thus, a balanced party would be having a unit of each color.

When you get a character, you can interact with them by tapping them and giving them hearts. They would say some interesting things that may be as similar and close as to have a waifu/husbando experience. I guess this is fine for the people expecting this sort of gimmick.

One thing that I have to say is that there are a lot of artists and voice actors involved, and you can see who did the art and voice of the character you are interested on. This is pretty nice, giving some recognition to the artists and Voice Actor. Also, every character comes with 4 different arts, each one having a use (profile art, attacking art, special move art, almost defeated art).

The plot is, at the moment, not very interesting. There are a lot of room to make the plot better so I´m hoping that Nintendo has a plan for this.

Down below is a slideshow of screenshots from my gaming experience so check them out.

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I hope that the community of FE Heroes grows, and keep supporting the developers. In exchange, I´m hoping that the developers develop more interesting gameplay into the game, add more heroes to the roster, new events, and anything that they can come up with.

There is a lot of room for improvement and it would be nice if both community and developers were to work together, and bring out the best ever mobile experience that Fire Emblem Heroes can offer.

The plot is not finished yet. At the moment there are only 9 chapters in story mode. There is a lot of things the story writer can try.

Well… this is all I can say about the game at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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