Hello everyone! In my post of New Year Resolutions, I decided to start three new habits. To help motivating myself on keeping up with the habits, there will be monthly reports about my progress on them. This post will be about how I fare in January.

In the figure down below, you can see my stats from the app HabitBull (screenshot taken on Feb 8):


What am I doing well?

The main habit that I really wanted to focus was taking a little bit of my time daily to do exercise. Sometimes, due to various unfortunate events that life keeps throwing at you, it becomes exceedingly difficult on keeping a streak. It is at this point that determination and motivation becomes really important. Whenever I felt like giving up on working out one single day, I ask myself: do I really want to break my streak record? This challenges me and I go right into working out.

  • Workout: I challenge myself. My motivation is high and it keeps me going.
  • Learning Chinese: I have found a truly astounding mobile app for learning Chinese. It is called HelloChinese. The app is so friendly, and the lessons have a mix of writing and speaking practice. It is so easy to learn and understand, and it has everything you need to kickstart on learning this amazing language. Link to their website is http://www.hellochinese.cc/

What am I doing wrong?

  • Learning Chinese: motivation is low. I don´t feel determined to learn Chinese. Also, there are a lot of distractions, keeping me from truly engage and use HelloChinese app.
  • Learning Japanese: I haven´t found yet a good mobile app for learning Japanese. I tried an app called “Learning Japanese” but didn´t keep me engaged. I´m still on the lookout for an app similar to “HelloChinese” but for Japanese. If you have any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.

New Approach

I have been using HabitBull for a while, and I forgot to read the “instructions” before I started doing these habits. HabitBull user toomas has a “Must Read: How to use this app” discussion page where it explains how to fully use the app and have an enjoyable experience. I will take his advice, and start focusing one or two habit at a time. Thus for this month of February, I will focus now on working out and learning Chinese.

Learning Japanese will be on stand-by for now until I find a really good app for learning Japanese.

Well, this is it for this month report!

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