1. We get to see a flashback of Sister Krone, and how she became the woman she is now.
  2. Norman and Emma asked Sister Krone about the following:

  1. Let them see the transmitter – Sister Krone obliged and let them inspect it. It´s not possible to know which dot represent which kid.
  2. Where is the tracker and how to dispose of them – Sister Krone tells them that it´s on the left ear, and she has no idea how to destroy them. Cutting the left ear is a possibility. A scalpel can be found on the medic kit and there is enough anesthesia for 5 kids.
  3. The age of Sister Krone and where she was raised – Sister Krone tells them she is 26 years old (born on 2019) and was raised in a Grace Field House. She also tells them that Isabella is 31 years old (born on 2014), and came from a Grace Field House according to the records.
  4. They asked if she has seen the outside world – Sister Krone answers with a no, but she says that there are humans out there in the society that the demons won´t eat, and that´s the aim she suggest they aim to become. 
  5. They asked her if she knows where the demons came from and how they ended up like this – She replies that she don´t know.
  6. Where is the farm located – She replies that she don´t know.
  7. How is security around the farm – She replies that the security is not bad at all, and that there is barely any security.

Sister Krone is delighted that the kids are smart, but they made a fatal flaw: not reaching their left ear when she told them where it was. This made her deduce that the kids already knew where it was and how to destroy them. Through the whole Q&A, she was looking at their visual reactions and obtain any information she can get from them.

Norman sees that they underestimated her, and that they should quickly put their plan into motion and escape that hell.

The chapter ended with Mama finally making her move.