Summary. Escape plan will be executed in 6 days:

  1. Sister Krone receives a letter that says she will be the newly appointed Mama for plantation no. 4. Thus, she is to depart immediately and head to the Gate.
  2. Sister Krone knows that it is a trap, but the letter is truly from HQ. She prepares her belongings and head out to the Gate.
  3. Sister Krone appeals to Grandma about all the events unfolding in the Grace Field House. Grandma is not worried and knows that Isabella has everything under her control.
  4. We are revealed that Grandma was the one who raised Isabella in a plantation field, and that Isabella also attempted to escape from her fate. Seeing as Isabella is now a Mama, we can infer that Isabella´s escape plan back then failed and that Grandma is a truly formidable opponent.
  5. We get to witness the death of Sister Krone at the hands of the demons. Her death was caused because of her hindrance to Isabella.
  6. As a parting gift, Sister Krone left a pen left behind by W.M. (the author of the books). Apparently, the pen is very special.

My thoughts: the alliance just happened a few hours ago, and Sister Krone got herself killed already. I didn´t expect her death to be so soon at all.