1. All Might can´t face Sir Nighteye. Something may have happened between them in the past, where I´m guessing that something stupid must have happened. Also, Sir did warn All Might to be careful of running out of flames, so All Might is feeling awkward.
  2. Togata will be the one introducing Midoriya to Sir, but it will be solely through Midoriya´s appeal whether he gets accepted as an intern. A key to gaining Sir´s approval was to make him laugh.
  3. Midoriya started with a bad foot with Sir. Will he get the internship? Stay tune for the next chapter.


The chapter revolved around Sir, letting the reader know bits by bits about Sir´s nature. Eventually, we were shown that he loves a society where laughter is the predominant trait, going so far as to make his sidekick being tortured just to make her laugh. Also, Sir is a great fan of All Might, and thought Midoriya´s face impression was kind of making fun of All Might.

From what we have seen, Sir must be dense. Getting him to laugh would be difficult. Also, he could be crazy and do whatever it takes to make someone laugh.

Also, we get to see All Might thinking that he would totally chooses Togata as his successor if he hadn´t met Midoriya first. Thus, there is a lot of great things we can expect in the future from Togata.

Overall, there is still a lot of things about Sir that are still not revealed (like his quirk, which I still believe his quirk must be plain and simple). Next chapter promises to deliver more information about Sir so don´t forget to read it!

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