1. Mama wants to convince Emma and Norman to give up on escaping. She proposes that living happily with good food and love is good enough until their deaths.
  2. Norman and Emma notices that she is trying to convince them, thus she isn´t going to ship them out immediately.
  3. Acting is over. Emma tries to stop Mama from pursuing Norman for as long as she can, while Norman does the investigation.
  4. Mama twists Emma´s right foot, incapacitating her. (holy crap)
  5. Apparently, the shipment date for Norman is decided and it´s tomorrow. (holy crap)

My thoughts: the summaries are up to date. Holy crap, this development is shocking. I believe the only way for Norman to survive would be to throw himself outside the wall, and leave his fate on the author´s hand. Also, it´s possible that W.M. pen will save Norman from the predicament. It would be truly good to have Norman out of the picture for now, and let Emma have more character development. Her naivety is killing me.