1. Back and forth scoring between both teams, where Tanaka had a little more of exposure.
  2. Sugawara is switching with Tsukishima.
  3. Match point for Karasuno.

Score of the Match at the moment:

Karasuno - vs - Tsubakihara:  set 1-0;    24-23


The chapter mainly focused on both teams scoring, where we get to see different plays. There were some mistakes done by both team, and the match is at its climax. It´s Karasuno´s match point.

Sugawara will make an appearance in the match, switching with Tsukishima (he is too tired). It would be awesome to end this match with a combo of the third years in the next chapter. There is no reason to drag out this match any further.

Overall, this chapter served to speed things up but I was hoping for the match to end already. I guess the mangaka needed some time to develop the story.

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