1. The boys are cooking. The girls are bathing. Everyone is relaxing after their hectic ordeal on these past few months.
  2. Shinoa notices that everything, from clothing to food, were prepared beforehand by Ferrid. She deduces that Ferrid must definitely have some times with the Japanese Imperial Army.
  3. Mika is struggling, and asks Crowley when will his humanity completely fade away.
  4. Guren, together with his family, is going en route to Osaka.


It seems that Ferrid had planned everything out, even burning himself out in the open. There must be a reason behind all of the help Ferrid is providing. I don´t believe that this was all done for his entertainment. Planning several scenarios ahead, preparing all the needed supplies and acting in order get a specific situation must require a lot of thinking and it´s a huge pain in the @ss to do all that. If my guess is right, Ferrid must have been involved in a promise with someone that prompts him into going through all this events.

Mika´s humanity must have vanished. Being aware of the fact that his humanity was fading must have sped the process. That could be the reason why he asks Crowley about it.

In the chapter we learn that if someone reveals to Guren´s family that they are indeed all dead, each and every one of them would crumble and become dust. We also get to see a flashback where Guren is in the process of reviving them, causing a huge explosion. I think Guren must be somehow involved with Ferrid´s plan.

At the end of the chapter, we see Guren´s lover smirking at Ferrid´s noble act. This may hint that the plan is going all according to plan.

What intrigues me now is what sort of lunatic trial did Ferrid prepared for Yuu to power up. We were hinted last chapter that the spark of the power up will be Yuu looking at his old family severed heads. Also, it´s probable that Yuu is a clone from the real one… or Yuu got cloned, and his clone is resting in the basement (infering to the scene where we see someone resembling Yuu in a capsule last chapter).

Overall, this chapter served to build things up, and let the mangaka prepare for a good story development. If you want to, you could skip chapter.


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