1. Mama prepared some bandages beforehand. From the very beginning, she planned to twist Emma´s leg to hinder the escape plan. It will take around 2 months for her leg to heal.
  2. Mama took the ropes. Norman, Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda all came back to the house and couldn´t execute their investigation.
  3. Ray and Emma don´t want Norman to die and will be planning on making him escape alone.
  4. Norman devised the possible scenarios if he were to escape.


This is turning into despair. Norman plans to foil Mama´s plan during the small time he has left to live. If he were to escape alone, security around the house would tighten and would be harder to escape next time. If he tries to escape with everyone, Emma is a huge liability at the moment. If he were to stay, his death will be set in stone.

It´s interesting how Mama reduced the probability of escape for so much by incapacitating Emma. Also, shipping Norman will deal a huge blow to the escape plan, since he is the brain of the plan.

Overall next chapter looks promising. What will be their plan to prevent Norman´s death? I hope we get a sneak peak of what W.M.´s pen can do.

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