1. The army in Retsubi is rallying themselves, making them formidable for their high morals.
  2. Yotanwa explains the basics of their operation to Shin and Ten: the mountain tribe will climb the walls and open the gates, and when the gates are opened, the Hi Shin Unit will charge into Retsubi. Also, she says that it will take around half a day to fully conquer Retsubi.
  3. Yotanwa rallies her army, making the loud voices of Retsubi´s army pale in comparison to the mountain tribes.
  4. The chapter ends with the mountain tribe charging forward to attack Retsubi.


Overall, this chapter was amazing. Throughout the series, we have shown how reliable the mountain tribe are, and this time is no exception. The mangaka is increasing the hype for this arc by dedicating this chapter on a sneak peak of Yotanwa´s army true worth at the moment. Also, if Retsubi is conquered within half a day, it will show great promise on how powerful is General Ousen by deducing the best strategy to win the war.

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