Hello everyone! Today I bring to your attention a Youtube channel that I recently discovered and it´s called FightMediocrity.

FightMediocrity is a channel focused on providing highlights of the big ideas from a book (motivational, leadership, pretty much any book that can teach some valuable things), and it also includes little examples to explain the ideas. I have watched some of their videos, and I can say that the contents are really good! The quality of the videos, and the examples easily explains the big idea that a book tries to convey.

If you are looking to read a book but don´t know whether it will be a good read or not, you can check the highlights of the book by watching their videos. These videos aren´t made to substitute the book itself, but provide a sneak peak of what to expect from it. The full experience of a book can be sought by reading it.

Their Youtube channel is:


Their official website is:


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