1. The detach army from Retsubi, which purpose was to increase morale and bait the enemy, saw that the Mountain Tribe is attacking. Fulfilling their purpose, they went back to the castle thinking that the archers will kill them off. Surprisingly, there were some mountain tribe units whose mobility with the horse is top notch, avoiding the barrage of arrows and killing some Zhao soldiers. Sadly, the detach mountain tribe units were picked off by the Zhao soldiers, ending in a trade of blows.
  2. The mountain tribe began the siege of Retsubi, trying to climb their way up, but Zhao soldiers prevent them from advancing.
  3. Yotanwa notices a small opening to the defense of Retsubi and has a plan to breach the defense. She requests the Shin if he has any exceptional archer to execute the plan, and Shin nods.


RIP Retsubi. The skirmish between Zhao and the Mountain Tribe served as a way for Yotanwa to look for any opening she could find. Using any available weakness, and taking into account the full variety of tribes in her army, she spotted a weakness in the siege defense and devised a plan. If Yotanwa´s plan succeeds, then next chapter will be the doom of Retsubi. The Hi Shin unit will charge inside Retsubi and the siege of Retsubi will be complete. I estimate that the next two chapters should be enough for this siege. It could drag on if the new bro archers recruit fails to shoot down what Yotanwa wants.

Also, we are shown that Ouhon and his lieutenant feels curiosity about the current Hi Shin Unit. This may foreshadow the important role the Hi Shin Unit will have later on in the war.

Overall, this chapter was good. Next chapter looks promising.

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