1. We are introduced to what kind of team Hakuryuu is. Hakuryuu is a regular Koushien team which specializes on high mobility. Their strong trait is that they can successfully steal bases and their running time to get on base is really fast.
  2. Seidou will begin the first inning defending, and Hakuryuu will be batting.
  3. Sawamura wants Miyuki to acknowledge him.


The match that will decide Sawamura´s future begins. I´m hoping that he finally gets the attention he deserves.

It´s very interesting the kind of team Hakuryuu is. To be able to go to Koushien regularly, and specialize in running, means that their batting skill is by no means inferior to those teams we have been shown. Since Sawamura´s pitching is not fast enough in comparison to Furuya´s pitching, the match will be about whether Sawamura can overcome the pressure and disadvantage, and be able to live up to the expectations of the coach and Miyuki.

Overall, it was a good beginning to the match. I´m hoping that Hakuryuu doesn´t become a let down team, just to fill a gap in the plot.

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