1. Midoriya didn`t make Sir laugh, but he got the mood going pretty well for him by fanboying about All Might.
  2. Sir does pop a good question: we know all the benefits of having Midoriya undertake the internship, but what`s in it for Sir’s company? What good will it come to the company from employing Midoriya for the internship?
  3. If Midoriya wants to be under Sir, he will need to stamp the seal of approval by himself. He must get the stamp from Sir in 3 minutes.
  4. We are shown Sir’s quirk: foresight and how it works.


The highlight of this chapter was Sir Nighteye. We are shown that Sir is a person who works under logic and reason, and if we are to pair him up with his quirk “Foresight”, he becomes a formidable hero. Additionally, having sidekicks can make up for his need of firepower.

Sir’s quirk “Foresight” lets him see one hour ahead of what his opponent is going to do. His quirk does come with some requirements: he needs to touch the person he wants to use his quirk first, and he needs to make eye contact with said person. It’s very practical but the conditions makes it hard for Sir to use his quirk. It looks promising to see how Sir uses his quirk against villains.

Also, Sir taunts Midoriya by telling him he is mediocre and that Mirio was a better candidate for “One for All”. Midoriya goes into rage mode and he is determined to stamp the contract. From this, we should expect to see the extent of how Sir’s quirk work. Will Sir’s Foresight let him see the action of a person driven by feeling?

Overall, the chapter was really good. Will Midoriya be able to overcome Sir’s quirk? Or will Sir kick Midoriya out? For plot purpose, Midoriya needs to overcome Sir with something unexpected… like making him laugh and then get the stamp?

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