1. A heated rally happened, where Karasuno looked for a chance to end the match, and Tsubakihara wanted to stay alive for a little longer. The rally ended with a back attack from Asahi, putting the final nail to the coffin of defeat for Tsubakihara. The MVP of the play was Sugawara for preventing a decisive play from Tsubakihara from extending the match.
  2. Winner: Karasuno
Karasuno - vs - Tsubakihara: set count 2-0
Karasuno wins and goes to the next round!


One last heated rally to say good-bye to Tsubakihara. One of the highlights we can get out of this was that Sugawara has a keen eye, and understood what course of plays the Tsubakihara´s players would do, thus helping to keep the rally going. Sugawara´s ability to assess the opponent´s condition will be important for the upcoming matches.

I believe next chapter could be about Tsubakihara saying their farewells (“Next time we won´t lose!”, “Don´t go losing before facing us again!”, “Next year Nationals, we will be the one winning”, or something along those lines). Also, Tsubakihara´s coach could give them some kind of pep talk. Besides that, there are a lot of routes the mangaka could go for. Maybe we will see some scenes with Nekomata, or Hinata being excited or something like that.

Overall, this chapter served as a good way to end the match, nice and pretty, just to give Tsubakihara their respects for coming so far.

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