1. Emma and Ray wants Norman to pretend that he escaped, but in reality he will just be hiding within the area. His transmitter will be disabled before he disappears.
  2. Ray explains the mechanism behind all of the role-playing involved for the farm to be successful.
  3. If Norman do escape, then either Emma or Ray would take his place in the shipping. Since Emma is in a bad state, that leaves Ray as the next candidate. Emma suggests that Ray gets injured, sick, or whatever purposefully so that the shipping would be delayed.
  4. It´s settled. Norman will escape and will work behind the scenes.
  5. Norman ask Ray a very interesting question: how did Ray knew the secrets behind the house? which Ray replies that he knew from the very beginning.


It seems that the story will begin tying the loose ends, starting with how Ray knew the secrets of the farm. Ray said in this chapter that he knew from the very beginning, but it was when they were around 4-5 years old that they sneaked on the Gate. This may hint that Ray was a kid that didn´t trust anyone when he was a small kid, and that Emma and Norman were the ones who made him open up. Additionally, this may serve as a key piece to make Ray change his mind, and make him want to bring every kid in the house to escape.

Emma did a very good job, suggesting a new possibility so that Norman could survive without worries. In my opinion, Emma has been a peek-a-boo character, contributing to the development of the story whenever the situation calls for. Hopefully, we can see more positive contribution from her instead of her naivety.

Also, we haven´t seen W.M. pen nor where it was hid yet. We still don´t know how Mama is going to operate now that she shed her mask. If this were a chess game, we would be at the beginning of the middle game.

Overall, next chapter will serve as an informational chapter.

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